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Revolutionary Shoe Gadget Empowers the Blind to Navigate with Ease Step into Independence!

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Product Description

A smart gadget for blind shoes that can help blind people identify obstacles to their path. This coating analyzes environmental data and conveys the appropriate path to the user through vibration. The product sink is possible with locating software, and this technology can be used to design and build intelligent voice assistant to implement a navigation system with the ability to receive voice commands by the user and provide directions to the destination in voice form for the blind.

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Using on shoes, clothes or other equipment such as wheelchairs

Connecting to communication networks and applications

Giving voice commands to the user

Today, an estimated 500,000 Canadians are blind or partially sighted and the emerging crisis of preventable blindness in Canada costs almost $33 billion annually and impacts all Canadians, including individuals, families, and governments. Therefore, here at Navica we planned to design the product for blind people in such a way that it creates a “broad and easy user experience”

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The Right Insurance Plan for Every Need.

01 / Brainstorming

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03 / Concept

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04 / Project Launch

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Navica Team

Hamidreza Hodaei

Technical and Commercial Manager

Ashraf Habibi

Project and Technical Manager

Hamid Riyahi

Financial and Auditing Manager

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